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Orthopedic bed wedge-shaped pillow set, Leg Elevation Pillow

Orthopedic bed wedge-shaped pillow set, Leg Elevation Pillow

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8pcs-Orthopedic bed wedge-shaped pillow set, which can be used for postoperative knee and lumbar pain relief of high-density memory foam composite sponge adjustable support pillow, soft, can help alleviate acid reflux and prevent GERD sleep problems.

Best Use:Other

Sleeping Pad Type:Closed-cell Foam Pad

Sleeping Pad Shape:Rectangle

Capacity:1 Person

Repair Kit Included:No

Stuff Sack Included:No

Fabric Material:Polyester 80% + bamboo fiber 20%


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Please follow these care instructions:

1. Cover Cleaning:
- Remove the cover from the foam wedge.
- Machine wash the cover in cold water on a gentle cycle with mild detergent.
- Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.
- Tumble dry on low heat or air dry for best results.
- Ensure the cover is completely dry before reattaching it to the foam wedge.

2. Foam Maintenance:
- Spot clean the foam with a damp cloth and mild soap as needed.
- Do not immerse the foam in water or place it in the washing machine.
- Allow the foam to air dry completely before using it again.
- To freshen the foam, occasionally air it out in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.

3. General Care:
- Avoid placing the foam wedge in direct sunlight for prolonged periods to prevent deterioration.
- Do not place heavy objects on the foam wedge as it may lose its shape.
- Store the foam wedge in a cool, dry place when not in use.

By following these care instructions, you can maintain the cleanliness and durability of your Foam Bed Wedge Sleep Support System, ensuring it continues to provide comfort and support for years to come.

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